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What are you all about?

I am an activist. The world is ridicule!

Tell me more!

Alright, I am a blind piggy with a huge stitched up scar and get into existence by a pencil and a piece of paper. In Photoshop I am transformed in a colorful being with meaning.

Eh yes I can see that, OK why are you blind then?

Guess what, so I can judge with no visual reference.

So you not having eyes is about justice?

INJUSTICE!!! Next question!

Ok, why are you a pig?

Take a guess!

I want to hear it from you!

Hmm there is Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Danger Mouse so here I am, StitchPiggy! These Super Fella’s are dealing with bad people who want to destroy you, your city the universe even….. I have to deal with all the other matters involving oppression and injustice which shape identity and show disrespect

My goodness you are not just a badly drawn cartoon-like figure!

Thank you for the compliment!

Examples of matters you deal with?

Trump, globalisation, abuse, terrorism, self esteem, exclusion, Fipronil, politics you name it!

That’s some heavy stuff.

With my colorful illustrations, humor and satire I hope those matters are easier to swallow. And maybe you’ll learn something from it. Then again, I have a lighter side too. Like me having a Mondrian stitched scar! Or me doin’ a wolf, howlin’ to all! Although this Mondrian thing is also about the overuse of his visual language as part of the celebration of 100 years ‘De Stijl’. And doing a wolf is more about the prejudice of being an immoral killer than calling for a mate!

So being a pig is part of your identity?

Yes it’s about being different. I am intelligent, cute, loved for my meat by one part of the population and loathed by another part. You should know, I am almost human. And in the near future you won’t only kill my buddies for meat but you also breed piggies for their organs which you can transplant into your own human bodies. Piggies are so useful!

So what does it mean that you are yellow?

It’s a playful color with a warning quality to it.

It has nothing to do with the majority of people being chinese?

Chinese, yellow? That’s racist!! Horrible this color categorisation. You see that’s why I’m blind.

Well, a final question about your looks.

You want to know what the stitched up scar is about, is it?


It is about getting damaged, physically and mentally, inflicted by good or bad things and living with it. These experiences shape your identity.

Wow a straight answer no beating around the bush!

Let me go on please! The idea originates from an early work a time before I was drawn and the name StitchPiggy didn’t even exist yet. This image we know now as “The Mother of StitchPiggy” deals about globalisation and hypocrisy and is part of the other vision of StitchPiggy’s world with wacky arty imagery, videos and musics. I am not physically present in these works but that doesn’t not hurt my ego really.

Could this other vision be the world behind your scar?

You know what, I have said to much already. Have you seen this Mother of StitchPiggy on my Footnote page?

You mean this cut open real live bluish pig’s foot, sure I did. A really striking image not something you would hang above your couch or dining table though.

Well that’s not what StitchPiggy is about, to blend in with furniture. For cryin’ out loud![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]